yearbook distribution 2020

This page will answer your questions about when, where, and how to pick up your yearbook.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our process so that we can maintain safety while distributing the books as efficiently as possible.  We appreciate your patience and help.  If you have any questions after reading this page, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Books will be distributed on Thursday, June 11, 2020


We ask that parents, legal guardians, and students pick up their books in the following time frames.  This will help us to decrease our density and maintain social distancing.


Pick-Up Times:

9 am to 11 am = Seniors, Class of 2020

11 am to 1 pm = Juniors

1 pm to 3 pm = Freshmen and Sophomores

Can someone come early? Yes, we will not turn you  away.

Can someone come late? Yes, we will not turn you away.

HOWEVER, we would greatly appreciate it if you can come during the specified time.  It will reduce congestion and make the experience go quicker.


Unclaimed Books: Books that are not picked up by 3 pm will be secured in the main office overnight.   On Friday, June 12, 2020, the yearbook advisers will be available from 9 am to 12 noon for anyone who was not able to pick up their book on June 11. After this, books will be secured in the main office.  They may be picked up using an ID throughout the summer or in the Fall.


How Will Books Be Picked Up


1.  Cars will enter the student parking lot in the B-wing and proceed to the PICK-UP AREA.

This will be indicated with signs, cones, and a table.

The table will be staffed by workers who will have a walkie talkie.

Students and car occupants will remain in their cars.  We ask you to wear a mask while we interact with you.  We will be doing the same.  We will also handle your book wearing gloves.


2.  The pick-up table will take the student’s voucher(s) and call into the HOLDING AREA

Everyone who purchased a book will be receiving a voucher used to redeem your book.

When you pull up, our staff will take your voucher and give you your book.

What if you forget or don't receive your voucher?  Don't worry!  We have a verified list of all purchases and we will ask to see your ID.  We will then release your book to you.

Can you pick up books for your students if they are in multiple grade levels?  Yes.  For example, you are the parent of a senior and sophomore; you don't have to come back twice.  We will give you both books in exchange for your vouchers.

3.  Books are secured in the building to protect the from the weather and to keep them sanitary.  When you turn in your voucher, a staff member will call in and have it brought out to you.

Staff in the holding area will pull out the appropriate book(s)

These workers will be spaced 6 feet or more apart

They will be wearing masks and handle books with gloves

Book Signing


One of the best parts of getting your yearbook,

is having people sign it. 

This year we have arranged for everyone to be

able to

  • Sign yearbooks digitally for FREE,

  • Save a digital copy, and

  • PRINT your messages to put in your book.

You can do this even if you didn't buy a book!

The video to the right shows you how.


STOP! Read this important message! = Once you set up your account you will have a personal link. Anyone you share this with can sign your book.  Therefore, if you post it on social media publicly, anyone who clicks your link can sign it.  We highly recommend you only share it privately with friends and teachers.  

Highlights on how the digital signing works:

1.  Click this LINK

2.  Set up your account using an email and password you choose.

3.  You will now have an account.

4.  In your account, there will be a private link to copy and share

5.  We recommend you only share it privately with friends, family, and teachers.  We discourage you from posting it publicly on social media because anyone who has this link can send you a message.

6.  As people click your link, you will be able to read their messages.

7.  If you don't like a message, you can delete it.  

8.  You get choose an end date for people to be allowed to sign your pages

9.  When you are done, you can download all your pages of messages and save it digitally as pdf.

10.  You can also PRINT those messages and put them in your book or scrape book.

The best part, even if you didn't buy a book this year, you can do this for FREE and print messages from your friends and teachers to remember the year.



  1. We will post details for picking up books on ESMYearbook.Org

  2. We will email everyone who purchased a book with an invitation and directions to come to pick up their book.  We have their email from their order.

  3. We will mail them their vouchers and information about how to pick up their book via US mail.

  4. We will ask Mr. Avellino to utilize School Messenger to communicate this information.

  5. We will monitor to answer questions from parents and students.


Book Sale


Each year books are by pre-order.  However, the yearbook company prints books in set number batches.  This year we have a few books that have not yet been sold.  This is not always the case, but it is this year at this time.  As in the past, books will be sold on a first-come-first paid basis.  Anyone interested in a book will need to contact Mrs. Darlene Baker and pay in full in advance at  When books are all sold, no more are available.  All questions regarding sales must go through her to ensure accuracy and consistency in this policy.  Thank you.

Who Will Distribute the Books and How They Will Manage Safety for Everyone Involved


Staff: Books will be distributed by the yearbook advisers (Eric Stalloch, Leslie Welch, and 

Darlene Baker) with assistance from employees of the High School who have volunteered to assist.  No students will be permitted to assist in distribution this year for safety.


PPE: Personal Protective Equipment; all volunteers will wear appropriate masks and gloves.  Disposal bins will be available for discarding gloves or other items touched during 

distribution such as papers and cardboard boxes.  Hand sanitizer will be at our main 



Social Distancing: Books will be handled using gloves and staff members will work in zones 

6 feet or more apart to collect books for our “runners.”  A “runner” will be the person who brings the book from the holding area to the pick-up zone.  We will communicate using walkie talkies.


We will follow all health and safety guidelines for NYS and the County.