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Senior Class Collage


Background Information


The Covid 19 pandemic has created many unique challenges for covering the year, especially when it comes to group activities.  Traditionally, we like to include a group picture of the senior class.  While not essential for the yearbook, we would like to give the senior class an opportunity to appear together as a group on a single yearbook page.  


We plan on creating a senior class collage.  This will allow us to include any senior who wishes to participate.  The plan is to create the year “2021” out of a series of smaller pictures.  These pictures will be of members of the senior class.


We would like to answer two common questions:

Q:  Why can’t we have a group picture in person?

A:   We can’t bring the group together all at once for several reasons.  First, we are 

divided into three groups: Cohort A, Cohort B, and 100% Virtual Learners.  Second, 

even if we could get together, we could not social distance enough to fit everyone on the 

page (everyone would be so small you wouldn’t be recognizable).  Third, we would have 

to wear masks.


Q: Why a collage?

A: A collage allows for 100% inclusion, without masks, safely, and in a consistent way.  

How to Get Your Picture in the Collage


Two Options:


First, “Group” of friends.

Do you want to be near your friends in the collage?

We will do our best to put you near your friends. 

However, due to the layout style we cannot guarantee that all

friends will be immediately next to one another, but we will do our best!

If you want this option,

  1. Speak with your friends and decide who will organize your “group”; your “Team Leader”

  2. Have everyone send their picture to your Team Leader

  3. The Team Leader will make sure everyone’s picture is labeled as “Last, First Name”

  4. Put everyone’s picture in a google drive folder

  5. Share the folder with


Second, Individual picture

Do you want to be in the collage, but you don’t care about being with your friends?


We will put you in the free spaces in the collage.

If you want this option,

  1. Label your picture as Last, First Name

  2. Email or share the photo to


Picture Requirements


To fit everyone in, the pictures will be generally small in size.  Therefore, please only send:

  1. Headshots (shoulders up)

  2. No hands in the picture

  3. Make sure that what you are wearing is school appropriate (no inappropriate language, etc.)






Please send us your photo by: November 24 (before Thanksgiving break)

We cannot guarantee that late or unlabeled pictures will be included.



Contact us at

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