School Pictures: Underclassmen, School Tool, Student ID

All students will have their pictures taken on the dates below during classes.

Packets are mailed home by the Photographer if you wish to order.  Additional packets are available in the main office.  While seniors will also have their pictures taken for school IDs, these pictures do NOT appear in the yearbook.  See our Senior Picture Guidelines.

Packets to order pictures will be emailed home with the option to order online.  Paper copies of the packets will also be available in the main lobby (they are not there at this time, but will will update this page when they are available).

Portraits: September 23 and 24, 2021

RETAKES: October 28

Senior Pictures

See our Senior Picture guidelines here. 


Senior Picture Deadline: October 1, 2021

Senior Picture sessions will be held at the High School on the following dates.  If you wish to take advantage of this option, go to our senior picture guidelines to make a reservation.

Senior Photo Sessions at the High School (by appointment) 

June 28, 29, 30

July 1, 2, 13, 14

August 10, 11

Or by appointment at the photographer's studio

Senior Class Picture

To Be Determined.

More details when we finalize details.

Typically at the PEP Rally for Homecoming...

Club and Organization Group Pictures

November 16 and 17

When will my group photo meet? 

See our google doc here the schedule (TBA).

At this time we do not have club group pictures planned.  Once we receive final guidance on which clubs may be active, we will determine the best method of representing these groups.

Please be prompt.  Please understand that if you are late or miss the photo, it cannot be retaken due to publication deadlines.  See your adviser for more information.

How was this schedule made? 

A survey is sent to all ESM Staff.  All staff who are advisers for a club or organization request a date and time when they are available to be present for the photograph.  From this information, we create the schedule.  This information is posted in the cafeterias, on ESM TV, on this website, and sent to all staff.  Club advisers should notify members of the time to meet.  

What if I miss my photo?

Unfortunately, students who miss the photo will not be included.  There are no retakes for this session.  Only students in the organization are permitted to be photographed.

Athletic Team Photos

Sports team photos are schedule by the Athletic Department Office.  Teams or students who do not appear on the picture day may not be included in the yearbook, so please be present

Fall Sports Team Pictures: TBA 
Winter Sports Team Pictures: tba

Spring Sports Team Pictures: tba


Packages for individual sports pictures are available through the Athletic Department