How do I get my Picture in the Senior Formal Section of the Yearbook?

 All Senior Photos must be taken with

a White Shirt and Traditional Tie, Black Suit Jacket,

or Black Formal Dress that covers the shoulders (see details below). 

Photos must be received by: October 1, 2020

1) Hire a Professional Photographer
2) Use Prestige Photos (FREE)

See below for all of the details:


Dear Parent/Guardian of the Class of 2021


On April 25, 2020, we sent you a letter detailing the requirements for yearbook pictures for the Senior Formal Section.  Due to health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, our photographers will not be able to allow students to share clothing apparel such as tuxedos, suit jackets, or drapes.  We know that this is disappointing, but it is necessary for this coming school year.  If you have your own black suit jacket or black drape, you may still wear it for the photographs, but we will not be providing them.  Therefore, the following are the updated SENIOR FORMAL SECTION PICTURE REQUIREMENTS:


All seniors must be photographed in a white dress shirt with a traditional tie or a solid black or blue dress which covers the shoulders.  In addition, there are many requirements for the background color, head size, pose type, lighting, and digital photograph quality settings.  These details are posted on our website at If you cannot meet these dress requirements, please contact us at for pre-approval before scheduling your appointment and so we may assist you.  To be included, pictures are due by October 1, 2020 and must follow all of our guidelines.


You have two options:


First, you may choose an independent, professional photographer. You are responsible for any expenses and your photographer must follow all guidelines for submission.  Second, you can use Prestige Portraits at no cost to you.


Option 1: If you opt to use an independent photographer, they must meet our guidelines.   Pictures received after the deadline will not be included. Pictures taken for student IDs are not accepted. Requirements are posted at Print and provide them to your photographer. They may contact us with any questions.


Option 2: Prestige Portraits will photograph you at no cost.  They will follow all requirements for backgrounds, head size, lighting, et cetera.  This will ensure that every senior is represented in the senior formal section of our yearbook, and that their portrait meets all specifications.


Sessions are by appointment in the High School’s Auditorium on July 20, 21, 22, and 23, or August 13 and 14.  Additional dates are available at their studio.


To schedule your appointment (first come, first reserved):

Call 315-752-3081


Once there, you need to search East Syracuse NY

Address: Country Max Plaza, 5962 Route 31, Cicero, New York 13039


You may choose to purchase a portrait package, but no purchase is necessary. 
Please have your picture taken before school commences in September. 
If you have any questions, please contact us (



Yearbook Advisors,

Eric Stalloch, Leslie Welch, and Darlene Baker

Deadline for all senior portrait submission: October 1, 2020



Download and Print the guidelines for Professional Photographers HERE and bring it with you.

The following guidelines MUST be met to be included in the Senior Formal Section of the yearbook:

1. DIGITAL PICTURES ONLY.  Color photographs, only.  The files must be in jpeg format at 300dpi resolution.  The name of the file should be the student's last name_first name

2. PRINT SIZE RATIO: 2 x 2.5 inches. Portrait orientation, only; no landscape orientations.

3. HEAD SIZE RATIO: 1.25 inches measured from top of head to bottom of chin.

4. LIGHTING RATIO: 4:1 highlight to shadow ratio.

5. CONTRAST: Must be good graduation tones.

6. BACKGROUND: Corners must be dark with medium hot spot behind head and shoulders, slightly mottled.

7. BACKGROUND COLOR - Predominantly soft, mottled, subtle tones of grey or blue.  No non-traditional backgrounds or exteriors.

8. CLOTHING.  A white shirt and traditional tie, or black or blue dress which covers the shoulders.  Any student who cannot meet these guidelines should contact us at prior to scheduling the appointment for pre-approved options.

9. POSES. Subject’s head and shoulders turned at an angle. No extreme head tilts or angles, No hands, No Feet, No mug shots, No Trees, No instruments, No sports equipment. No exterior photos or walls of any kind.

10. IDENTIFICATION. The senior’s last and first name must be on submitted jpeg file for positive identification. For example, Doe_Jane.jpg.  (The photographer’s name must also be supplied).

Please Note: Yearbook portraits that do not meet above specifications will not be included in the East Syracuse Minoa yearbook.

Please Note: You are ultimately responsible for having this photograph taken and that it is not the responsibility of East Syracuse Minoa High School to ensure that each senior has taken a portrait to be included in the yearbook. If you do not submit a picture by the deadline which meets the requirements.  We do not use pictures taken for student IDs and School Tool.  


If you are a professional photographer in our community who will fulfill all of the above requirements,
and you would like to be list here as an option for students and parents, please email us the following information to

Studio Name, contact name, phone number, address, website address.

We look forward to working with you.



How do I know if my picture was accepted and will be included in the book?

An announcement will be made in for all seniors to check a draft of the senior section posted in the main lobby.  If you are not on this board, we do not have your picture.  You will need to turn it at that time.  Next, all seniors will be called down to sign off that their picture was in the book.

More information will be posted in this section in the future.

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